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Saturday, 06 October 2018 19:34

Halloween Approaches

Halloween approaches in all its glory: candy and costumes, ghosts and goblins, doorbells ringing in the night. When you’re around three and four and five, when even a walk in the dark sometimes requires a certain courage, it’s an awesome mixture. For young children especially, Halloween can make quite a powerful celebration. It has elements that can be truly frightening as well as truly wonderful, often all at the same time.

Anticipation/excitement/tension/anxiety usually begin to build about this time.

In an attempt to keep it more manageable for all the children, I ask that Nursery Schoolers not bring masks to school. For children these ages, friends can literally disappear behind a mask.

Toward the end of October, the Nursery Schoolers and I will plan some sort of special snack in honor of Halloween. We will keep things as simple and low key as possible. If the Trick-or-Treat candy stays at home, I know the children will be able to stay on a much more even keel!


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