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Thursday, 02 October 2014 00:00

In the Younger Group - 9/26

After the Dayton Philharmonic’s Woodwinds Demonstration, the Younger Group children were inspired to have an Instruments Day. The children made a plan to bring musical instruments and then to stand up and tell about them during morning meeting.

Our special morning meeting came. The children played a few songs or showed their classmates how to play their instruments. Discussion of practicing, vibrations, tone, and the beauty of instruments surfaced during that time. After everyone had a turn, the children realized this would the best time to play musical chairs! Lucy played a song on the piano followed by Antonio on his violin; each musician taking time to pause in their music to make the game exciting for their friends.

I can play a song from Pirates of the Caribbean, but I might have to keep starting over when I stop the music. I’ll try to keep going. I’ve never done that before, Jackson told the group. He began, paused, and then continued! The children loved this recognizable piece! Jackson was very pleased with his playing as well.

By the afternoon several of the children had created a band during free time! Just after our final free time of the day, they performed an original piece on the stage of the Art and Science room for the other members of the class.


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