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It's easy to get along during the first few days of school. We're all excited to see our old friends and play our favorite games together at free time. I've noticed that the children in YG are starting to move out of the "honeymoon stage" and into some deeper work - the work of conflict resolution. 

Conflict is a natural part of communities that work as closely as the groups at our school. We try not to shy away from it. Working through conflict is one of the most important things the children learn at school. It amazes me to hear the solutions the children come up with because oftentimes, the solutions the children agree on are not solutions I or any other adult would suggest.  They are not strictly bound by codes of justice, utility, egalitarianism or others that would inform conflict resolution in the adult world. The outcomes they value in resolving a conflict are sometimes different than the outcomes a grown-up would prefer.

Allowing these creative solutions to exist is part of a larger guiding principle at school - children are allowed to be themselves. We restrict the amount of top-down judgments and this allows for a flexible, wide path to solve our problems together. 



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