A Busy Week... Plus Reflections

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After weeks of discussion, planning and anticipation, Pajama and Pancake Day finally happened on Thursday. Thank you, Brian, for griddle work, of course, and to parents for following along with the Nurseries’ plan… to help it all happen. We had another wonderful Sign Language session with Sarah on Friday. She taught us an ASL version of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." After which I shared that the children are wanting to save and store apple seeds to plant baby trees in the spring. One child had already taught us the sign for apple... Sarah is his mom... but we needed the sign for seeds! So Sarah showed us and then signed an impromptu rendition of finding, eating, saving, planting, growing, harvesting apples. It was truly beautiful to watch, not just the story as it unfolded, but the beauty of ASL and the fluency of Sarah's signing! As she got ready to say good bye there was a grand group hug for Sarah as she sat in the rocking chair. We are moving into Shape Days next and will be making another chart to post on the Nursery door. Nurseries dictated their list: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, diamond, spiral, heart, pentagon, octagon. There may be more along the way. We also talked about an All Shapes Day. Heart Days are planned around Valentine’s Day. This Thursday, students will help prepare food to celebrate Lunar New Year. This is another celebration that has emerged from the Kindergarten and has become an Antioch School tradition. There is a lunch time feast for the children… Nurseries prepare jasmine tea and the other groups make the rest. It’s usually stir fry, egg rolls, spring rolls, almond cookies. Kindergartners always create a huge dragon puppet (with Kindergartners inside as puppeteers) to lead us through all the rooms and then down the hall to the Art/Science room to find the feast waiting. I was thinking back about Martin Luther King this weekend (I came of age as a student at Antioch College in the late 60s) and I remembered, that back then, beyond knowing of her in connection to Martin Luther King, himself, and the crucial importance of his own work, I knew very little about Coretta Scott King, herself. For example, even though I was doing my own student teaching at Antioch School, I did not know that she had attended Antioch College in the mid to late 40s or that she also student taught at the Antioch School for two years. At any rate, I thought I would include this link about Coretta Scott King and our own historical connection to that important time and those two crucially important people. https:/www.notablebiographies.com/Jo-Ki/King-Coretta-Scott.html
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