Observation, Discoveries, Analysis... and Wonder!

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Outside on Thursday Nurseries and I stood back to watch a slender, yet very sturdy, dark brown/black wasp that was excavating a tunnel in the sand. The urge to dig is something that lies at young children's core and they understood absolutely what they were seeing. The wasp dug like a little dog walking into its tunnel and backing out over and over… scooping with its front legs and kicking it back with its hind legs. After observing it and it’s very efficient earth moving for about 6 minutes (until it finally flew away), one child said he thought it left because it knew the tunnel was going to collapse. Astute analysis coming from a lot of experience!

Nurseries have been interested in searching for sea shells in the sand box left over from ones Kindergartners had used the week before to decorate a sand sculpture. So on Tuesday, I put several bins of shells, sea stars, sand dollars, kelp pods, and one sea horse out at the long table for them to explore. One child found a very large and beautiful clam shell, and then found another just like it, and THEN discovered that they were from the same animal and fit together perfectly! Down at the very bottom of the bin he also found what they all decided was a jaw of a baby dinosaur. Amazing discoveries! Many theories! [It appeared to me like the still articulated jaws of the right side of a very, very, tiny baby shark... double rows of tiny, tiny teeth included.]



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