"Unstuck Your Hands"

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This week, imaginative play using vinyl animals, cars and trucks, traffic signs plus anything magnetic all remain Nursery favorites while they play together inside.

Outside, it’s usually running, chasing, digging, climbing, swinging, balancing, and the play house slide… along with excavating in the sand box or on Sand Hill.

Using the Playhouse, they have invented an original game called “Unstuck Your Hands.” The brain child of one Nurseries, it was quickly perfected and adopted by all. To play, you go up the stairs in the play house, climb onto the slide, manage a quick turn-around-flop-on-your-belly (feet first) position while holding onto the top rim of the slide. Then you say to the next person on the stairs… “Unstuck my hands!” That person who is next, pries the first child’s fingers away (with their cooperation, of course!). The fast decent begins along with a dramatic, loud, and joyful shriek all the way down. You land, jump to your feet, start running back around and into the play house, then over to the stairs and you are back in the line of Nurseries ready to do it all over again. By that time two more Nurseries have already gone down the slide in the same way and are also heading around to do it again. If friends eventually move on into something else, all you have to do is yell “Unstuck my hands!” a few times and a Nurseryer will come running and the game begins again.

It’s fast paced, brilliant, exquisitely fun, and an exercise in cooperation and trust.

They are busy learning just who they are with one another and what they can be together.


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