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There are many children in the Nursery who seem very tied into the changing of the seasons. Looking up and watching the leaves coming down, Nurseries will comment in passing or in wonder, "The leaves are falling, that's why it's fall." With a little wind the hackberry trees make a great display on the Cycle Circle Side. Leaves are turning red, and yellow and orange on the Tire Swing Side. We are waiting for the sugar maples to really start dropping their leaves so they can be raked. For now the children collect them, along with seed heads of various grasses. The red raspberry canes along the garden fence are still a draw for the Nurseries. You can always hope you might find one tucked away. . . .

We've begun to have some chilly days and rainy days and it's interesting to me to see how the children's energy is beginning to shift toward more inside building with big blocks, playing with play dough, or communal drawing at the circle table. So far the constructions are cooperative and by the group. They are shaped as a flat platform, stage or walk way. They often will ask me to write down their words for signs so they can post it on their work: "Don't break or knock down my construction. You can look at it and touch it."

They are experiencing the power of the written word. There was a little group sitting together at the circle table on Monday wondering together — and to me — about how to spell "tap." On my way from here to there I said, "Well listen to how it starts," making the initial consonant sound. On my way back. I saw t-a-p spelled out on a paper in brown marker decorated/illuminated with a bit of yellow and orange. By then the whole group had made a plan with me to go outside and had dispersed to the Cycle Circle Side.

Oh how I wish I had witnessed the group process that finished decoding the word for them. I am in awe of how they were able to take off so naturally into their process and then move on to their next thing. I wonder, why did they want the word "tap?" I love it. Occasional mysteries are good for the soul.

Running games with the Kindergartners, or Younger Groupers, and also among themselves, are still a big focus along with swinging, work in the sand, enjoying the merry-go-round and our new tunnel with its huge grassy hill. (Thank you Liz and Pete Griffin and John Grote!) Getting the trike shed key on the red ribbon from MJ is a big thing for some. Being snack helper. Going down the hall on with a friend to MJ's for snack supplies. Visiting the Kindergarten and studying the list to see who is next. Reading books: The Collected Curious George, Mouse Soup, Where the Wild Things Are, In the Rabbitgarden, Keep Your Mouth Closed Dear, to name a few. Singing songs. Art/Science with Brian. Music with Dennis. Planning for Color Days and anticipating what's next. These are some of their favorite things.

On the morning of Friday, October 24 and one of our many Orange Days, the Nursery will go on a hayride to a Peifer's pumpkin patch. Each Nurseryer will get to pick a pumpkin to take home.


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