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In the Nursery:   November 2, 2014

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The beginning of the year in the Nursery is so much about learning where you go and when you stop:  physical boundaries inside the school and outside on the play yards, plus listening to boundaries set by friends and their feelings, plus those you set out of your very own feelings.

For the Nursery it begins in the concrete. Physical boundaries are so much an essential part of the program, that the first real thing we do on our first real day is to go around each play yard to touch and see all the trees-that-say-stop so everyone will have a clear understanding of the visual boundaries and their own responsibilities.

Sometime within the first week or so I know that someone will need to get the roll of red tape and put down a line across the Nursery doorway to remind everyone that we all have to have a plan to go out into the hallway. It often becomes a group craft project with scissors and tape, and many people cutting and sticking tape pieces along the threshold.

I also know that sometime later on in the year they will be ready as a group to make a list of their safety rules and plan to use the hallway. This year it has come quite a bit earlier than usual. By the third week in October, after weeks of watching the Kindergarten use the tents and big blocks in the hall outside the Nursery door, they were ready to sit together and make their list of rules.

I know it's a pretty exciting prospect to the Nurseries — to be using the hallway along with the Kindergartners. The Kindergartners are already experienced models after having logged many weeks in the hallway this fall. Once cold weather has set in, it will be great to have the hallway as a sunny place to expand into from the Nursery room.

We've had our first play in our own room on a stage that the afternoon Nurseries built. The dialogue and story was pretty simple. With this first play it was mostly about building the stage (big blocks), deciding on the characters (Ninja Turtles),  gathering the audience (many chairs with one teacher and two Nurseries), and making their costumes (flexible tubes fastened around their bodies). Later on in the year, they may want to use me as a scribe to write down their dialogue and perform for the Kindergartners. We will see.

They loved the Dayton Philharmonic's String Quartet outreach visit! The story in music was a version of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." Nurseries got to sit with their Younger Group partners. Later that day before morning songs and stories, Orion had the idea to do his own piano performance of "Hot Cross Buns," introducing it to his audience and receiving our applause at the end with a nod of his head. To my amazement  all of the others decided to do performances also. And so we have created a Piano Performance list to post along with Kindergarten Visits and YG Partners.

Halloween tends to be a time of wound-up, tense feelings for Nursery aged children. Even for older children it can be a bit scary. It was one of my favorites as a child and (surprise) one of my least favorites as a teacher. But, actually this Halloween has had a pretty calm and relaxed feel for these children. When a more frenetic energy began building last Friday afternoon (the 31st and cold and rainy), I asked if they would like to clean up early so we could make muffins — and they did!

So Halloween has come and gone and now we are heading into Thanksgiving. They are planning for a cosy Pajama Day sometime after our Color Days that end with Rainbow this coming week. It will be interesting to see if someone thinks of pancakes to go along with the pajamas.

Thank you Deborah, Madhya, and Dirk for coming along and being our drivers for our Peifer's Pumpkin field trip! 


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