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In Kindergarten 11/13

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      After finishing color days last week by making two delicious batches of rainbow soup, Kindergartners began this week by making cinnamon applesauce.  The children loved using the peeler, corer, slicer tool on the apples we brought back from our trip to Peifers.  They loved the applesauce, too!

     Kindergartners had a small list of activities they wanted to pursue this week, and the weather cooperated, allowing us to get to most of it.  We brought our guinea pigs, Mocha and Pistachio, outside to graze on Monday.  The children checked for eggs, fed the hens some scraps, and let the chickens out into the garden area to explore.  Now that our newly planted garlic is protected with a temporary fence around the bed, it is safe for the chickens to free range in the main garden areas.

     Indoors the children used the gymnastics mat and started learning how to sew.  We used a pattern that students made last year to begin making stuffed guinea pigs, using a whip stitch.  Several children decided that buttons would make perfect eyes, so learning to sew buttons is our next step.

     On Thursday we walked in our first snowfall to the Antioch College Wellness Center.  Beth Baker gave us a tour of the locker rooms and pool we will soon be using (start date TBD).

     At snack time, after our walk, the children sipped hot or cold cider (snack helpers decided to serve both), ate their sandwiches, and dictated this letter:

Dear Everyone,
Can we have a meeting about jumping off the end of the tunnel?

     After snack I made three copies of the letter, and the children delivered them to the Nursery, Younger Group, and Older Group.  This will be our first whole school meeting of the year.  The children are calling it, after wondering if they can jump off the end of the tunnel.  The old rules for the tunnel, created in a whole school meeting last year, are not sufficient now that the earth hill is over the tunnel.  This question had been raised by Nursery Schoolers this fall.  Ann brought it to Faculty Meeting, but we had yet to find a time for the whole school meeting.  When Kindergartners brought it up today, I suggested they write a letter to the other groups to figure it out.  This is our democracy in action. 


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