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Sunday, 11 March 2018 20:21

And Do Unicorns Have Wings

This past week was very active. Spring is in their legs! There were lots of big energy, big voices, big plans, big thoughts, and big discussions. They set up the water table, plus lots of arts and crafts. The imaginative play was rich and sustained. There was a huge beautiful play house in the hall with a ceiling, a family room, a dad, several moms, a baby, many siblings, toys and mail deliveries. Another day there was a carnival with tickets, money, games, and a concession stand with actual real muffins to eat. There was a play room with chairs, toys, and construction. We also had a den which morphed into a zoo with many animals in a large circle around and all of them being fed. One afternoon, starting with unicorns and whether or not they had wings, they also had a long, thoughtful, serious discussions about their beliefs about unicorns, dragons, Santa, and heaven. They expressed many different, and often times adamant, beliefs about whether these things existed, or didn't exist, what they were like and also whether or not they personally wanted them to exist. On unicorns: two said they knew they existed because they had seen them… one said, "in my very own back yard," and the other said, "at Gaunt Park." Because all of this was a very long, very serious, at times quite adamant discussion — in certain respects, four and five year old theology — I was there to say that they all had their very own beliefs that were sometimes the same and sometimes different. And that is one of the things that is so interesting… wonderful… amazing about all of them! They have also have begun to dictate their plans for Name Days. I have gotten four peoples' ideas down on paper so far. We should have it all down and ready to schedule by the end of this coming week! We've been talking about how we would check with parents about certain parts of their plans just to make sure those parts would work.

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