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One way The Antioch School distinguishes itself is by recognizing and developing the innate interest children have in Science and Art by providing a comprehensive Art and Science program for every child in the school. Science and Art are not viewed in the usual way, as disciplines with little in common. Instead, their wondrous complementary balance is appreciated and explored.

The Art & Science room contains a kitchen, pottery wheels, books, a wood-working bench, plenty of work space, lots of art supplies and a large collection of natural specimens, including bones, shells and nests.

The lab extends beyond the classroom to the school grounds, and beyond the school grounds to: the neighboring campus grounds of Antioch College, Glen Helen's extensive wooded acreage across the street, and other natural areas.

Brian Brogan, the teacher of the Art & Science program, is a hands-on science teacher. He uses a holistic approach to learning that engages a child's movement, vision, feeling, and hearing.


What Happens In Art & Science?

Misc Art & Science PictureThe Nursery and Kindergarten explore materials such as water, clay, wood, cardboard and sand. They perform their own "experiments" with these materials and are provided guidance rather than being told exactly what to do.

The Younger Group has more structure to their Art & Science studies. However, they have many opportunities to follow their own interests. They like to work with prisms, which has led them to create spectrums of color on the floor and the sewing of rainbow bags.

The Older Group learns about circuitry by creating works of art using motors, light bulbs and batteries to produce such things as a twirling ballerina, a virtual reality device and various automated boats. The OG also does scientific reporting and hypothesis testing. Student hypotheses regarding seeds involved seeing and reporting the effects of seeds growing in darkness, in cotton, and after microwaving.

Projects can involve the entire school community, such as the making of life-sized puppets for a school-sponsored Welcoming of Spring Parade through downtown Yellow Springs. On another occasion K through 6th grade students constructed a paper dragon, made flags and Chinese food, and together celebrated the Chinese New Year.



Art & Science Newsletter

  • winter Notes
    Written by

    I am happy to be back at at school. One of the things I have always loved about teaching, especially as a specialist teacher are new beginnings. The beginning of the school year in the the Fall, new seasons throughout the year, new units, projects or subject  matter to explore and of course the new year. Entering deep winter, I was delighted to go exploring with Younger Group and Older Group children this past Monday, our first day back after the holiday break. It was particularly fun to meet the Forest Kindergarten group on the snowy, covered trail.

    2016 brings a number of fun activities to art and science. The older group began work on stained glass projects, while younger group children has started a unit on mosaics. Over the next few weeks every student at school will spend some time making observations  of the natural world, recording changes in the increasing amount of daylight, phases of the moon and and the weather.

    As we move into February Kindergarten children will start tapping some of our campus’ Sugar Maple trees for sap, which we will then boil down to create delicious Antioch School maple syrup.

    A special event to put on your calendars is Science Night, Tuesday, February 2, 2016 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. This has proven to be a fun event with a variety of science activities put together from traditional science activities, parent volunteers and guest-friends of the Antioch School. If you have a science related activity that you would be willing to share that night, please let me know.  

    Happy exploring…

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Brian - Art & Science Teacher

Brian Brogan - Art & Science

I am in my 14th year as the Art and Science teacher at The Antioch School. I probably have one of the most interesting and challenging teaching jobs in America. I get to work with a wide age range of students (3 1/2 to 12 years old), while helping them learn two seemingly very different disciplines. Let me just assure you that it is a fun, exciting, and very doable job.

I grew up in New York City, where I attended elementary school, The High School of Art and Design in mid-town Manhattan, and then The City College of New York, where I received my Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology with minors in French and Philosophy. Thinking I wanted to teach high school social studies, I next received my teaching certificate at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. While working on that certificate, I realized I actually had a great affinity for working with younger students. My education and life path next brought me to Yellow Springs, where I worked at Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center as a naturalist and later as the Environmental Specialist for the Springfield City Schools. I was then asked to teach elementary science at The Miami Valley School in Dayton, where I served for 13 years before coming to The Antioch School.

As a long time teacher, I see my role as one of sharing my love of the world--especially the world as it relates to art, science, and nature--with the children I am privileged to teach. Children need to spend their time with adults who allow them to maintain and continue to develop their own natural curiosity and inborn love of learning. I try to do this to the best of my ability, while continuously presenting them with new experiences and ideas to explore and enjoy.

Upcoming Art & Science Events

Wed Dec 19 @12:00AM
Winter Holiday

Thu Jan 03 @ 8:30AM -
School Resumes

Tue Jan 15 @ 7:00PM - 08:30PM
Parent Meeting-"Bringing up children in an unjust America"

Mon Jan 21 @12:00AM
Martin Luther King Day - School Closed

Fri Jan 25 @12:00AM
Conference Day - School Closed

Fri Feb 01 @12:00AM
Conference Day - School Closed

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