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Lindie Keaton warmly guides her class of 5- and 6-year-old explorers. Her philosophy is that children are efficient, able learners who pose the questions they need to have answered. Lindie actively observes each child and provides him or her with the materials, opportunities and activities needed to understand and grow. One of her goals is for the kindergartners to become excellent problem solvers.

Exploration and play, within safe, age-appropriate limits, are seen as the best ways for children this age to learn. The children are encouraged to touch, manipulate, experiment, contemplate and assimilate their experiences through play. As Lindie says, "Kindergarten is where the real movers and shakers of the world reside, and they need lots of opportunities to do just that!"

As with all classes, the Kindergarten participates in Art & Science classes, spends time hiking in the Glen, creates stories and plays, and is guided in other explorations of the class's choosing.  Kindergartners also go swimming weekly at the Antioch College Wellness Center pool.


Kindergarten Newsletter

  • Include, Include, Include
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         Sharing can be difficult, and for five and six year olds, it is a skill that often needs practiced again and again.  Sharing trikes, block construction,  space in the room and friends is something Kindergartners work on daily.  One might be the loneliest number, but three can be one of the most contentious, and spontaneous activities where all the children in the group take part often don't occur until sometime in the second half of the year. 

         Just this past week, this year's Kindergarten group began making big strides in this area of development.  Ironically, about the time they started organizing themselves as a whole group for an activity, one child articulated it well.  I had been supporting this child in a couple of interactions that morning that involved allowing a third person to join in play with two who were already involved.  Numerous reminders were needed, which involved interrupting the play.  Finally, in frustration, the resistant Kindergartner declared in a curmudgeonly six-year-old way, " . . . (at) this school it's just include, include, include!"

         "Yes!"  I responded.  "You've got it!"  I find it best to ignore curmudgeonly attitudes and fortunately for my work life, find them endearing.  Within the week, Kindergartners began to play a super hero game that inevitably descended into physical play fighting that became too rough for several participants.  "Your bodies are growing so fast," I explained.  "Sometimes it's hard to know your own strength right now, so this isn't working for everyone.  How can you play this, so that everyone stays safe and comfortable?"

         "We could play freeze tag instead," one Kindergartner suggested.  The group immediately agreed and decided to use their new favorite who's it rhyme, Blue Shoe, to find who would be it.  After a short time playing freeze tag, a problem with the plan emerged.  There was no agreed upon method for changing who was it, and the first it was getting tired of the role.  At that point, someone suggested just regular tag, so that who was it would switch with each successful tagging.  All the children were happy with that and almost every Kindergartner and some YG'ers joined in the game.

         When we called to go inside and get ready for snack, the children came running and gathered in our library.  All of them arrived before me, to their delight.  "This is a surprise," I told them. as this group often takes a bit of time to transition from playing outside to our clean up meeting inside.  They were beaming, glowing with energy from their game, as they all sat close in a circle--together and included.

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Lindie Keaton - Kindergarten

Lindie graduated from Wright State University summa cum laude with an honors Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education.  Lindie was named Outstanding Student from the education department for her graduating class.  She taught six to nine year olds for nine years in the Springfield City Schools, where she was named an Outstanding Teacher of the Year and nominated for a county-wide teaching award.  Lindie is currently in her tenth year as Kindergarten teacher at Antioch School.  Lindie's son is an Antioch School graduate.  Lindie states, "I've learned so much in my time here as a parent and as a teacher.  The school has had a profound impact on my life.  It is such joy, as a teacher,  to have the freedom to meet children's needs."
For 5- and 6-year-olds
8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
11:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Upcoming Kindergarten Events

Mon Apr 23 @ 8:30AM - 11:30AM
Forest Kindergarten

Wed May 09 @ 6:00PM - 08:00PM
Graduation & Picnic

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