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Ann Guthrie is the teacher of the Nursery's inquisitive and active 3 1/2- to 5-year-olds. Ann's philosophy is that children are innately curious and that by providing a rich environment that supports self-direction and a sense of wonder, children will learn, grow and develop: They are intrinsically competent learners who want to take on challenge and to master their worlds.

Another foundational belief is that young children learn how to get along with one another, to know themselves and to learn about the world around them through play and playfulness. Their play is seen to be on a continuum from the quite silly to the quite serious. It is understood that they sense the differences and gain from it all. 

The Nursery supports the belief that children learn in different ways and develop at different rates. In all things there is a developmental timescale for children that is respected. A great deal of patience, support and repetition are provided. 

Students in the Nursery have a regularly scheduled time each week for Art & Science with Brian Brogan and Music with Dennis Farmer. They also take part in school-wide events and celebrations.




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  • Blast Off!
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    Projectile points, arrow heads, atlatl (spear thrower), archeological sites, tools, stone tool making, debitage, excavation, discovery, chemical reaction, bones, burial sites. The Nurseries are expanding their vocabularies and minds while they take part in some wonderful experience with Jeff White, our resident archeologist.

    On Monday, there was a lot of looking, listening, and handling of artifacts plus some archeological basics. On Tuesday, each child excavated artifacts (m&ms) from an archeological site (chocolate chip cookie) with a tool (tooth pick). They also each excavated an actual stone projectile point from a ball of play dough. Brian and I labeled sandwich bags with their names to help them keep their personal artifact safe.  Later, back in the Nursery room, several children tested out their projectile points by carefully poking the points through a series of circles they had drawn on paper.

    "Look it actually pokes through."

    "It saws!"

    On Wednesday morning, Archeology was put on hold for the Nursery while the Dayton Philharmonic's String Quartet performed "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" in the Art/Science room. The Kindergarten came, and the parent volunteers, who were in the hallway helping with the school mailing, got to listen to the fine concert as well.

    On Thursday, and back to Archeology, Jeff had bins of sand marked off with grid lines ready for excavation. Projectile points and some pottery artifacts were found. After they finished with that, on the floor on a blue tarp there were two much larger bins of mulch also marked off with grid lines for the Nurseries to excavate. They found bones (molded blue plastic) and many other artifacts in each. One child even found a golden earring in one of the bins (burial site). Jeff asked lots of questions and here were lots of answers.

    On Friday, Jeff talked about chemical reactions and escaping gases. The Nurseries watched some chemical reactions and beautiful changes happening in their individual home made lava lamps: water and oil and food color in a small mason jar to which Jeff added a half a tablet of alka seltzer. Afterwards, Jeff set up another experiment with small cylinders with lids (film roll sized), water and (drum roll please) more alka seltzer! Jeff asked questions about what they thought would happen. People thought a long time and then one child smiled, his arms shot up into the air and he joyously proclaimed, "Blast off!!"

    That is exactly what happened.

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Ann - Nursery

Ann Guthrie - Nursery

From my earliest, I have been intrigued by the natural world and animal behavior--including human.  Among my ongoing interests are the brain, brain research, individual temperament and personality, child development, social organization of groups, language acquisition, history of  the English language, writing, and words in general.

In many ways an autodidact, I left high school for part of a year when I was 15 to work on a research project which took me to the Kansas City Science Fair and then on to the 1964 National Science Fair-International as a finalist, where I was awarded second place by the American Psychological Association.  I had parents who very much respected personal autonomy, trusted in me, and found ways to support my somewhat quirky and passionate interests which ranged from field study, brown capuchin monkeys, to gymnastics with a lot of other stuff in between.

I did go back to high school and also have a BA from Antioch College in Education with certification K-6.  My post-graduate work is ongoing and mostly of my own design.  Over these past 28 plus years, a good part of it has taken place at the educational laboratory of The Antioch School and in an ongoing collaboration seminar with my colleagues, past and present, who are rare and gifted teachers and profound educational thinkers.

Each year I also have the opportunity to get to know 12 individuals, young children, who bring with them their own unique temperaments, personalities, interests, and learning styles.  I am honored to be part of their process as they learn and grow as individuals, see themselves and one another, and collaborate to create their group.

My husband is a writer whose special interests are music, literature, and history.  Our daughter is an alum of The Antioch School and teaches in the Theater Department at Point Park University in Pittsburgh.

For 3 1/2 - 5-year-olds
8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
8:30 A.M. to 11:30 P.M.

Upcoming Nursery Events

Wed Dec 19 @12:00AM
Winter Holiday

Thu Jan 03 @ 8:30AM -
School Resumes

Tue Jan 15 @ 7:00PM - 08:30PM
Parent Meeting-"Bringing up children in an unjust America"

Mon Jan 21 @12:00AM
Martin Luther King Day - School Closed

Fri Jan 25 @12:00AM
Conference Day - School Closed

Fri Feb 01 @12:00AM
Conference Day - School Closed

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