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Children in the Older Group continue to explore their world, pursuing studies of their interests, with more formalized classes in mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science. They work independently, as well as in both small and large group settings. Many opportunities are provided for the OG students to delve deeply into various subject areas through research projects, field trips, visiting artists, and classroom materials.

The Older Group children are friends and mentors to the younger children. They are swimming partners with the Kindergarten children – a relationship that lasts well past the Kindergarten year, and are often reading or math partners with younger children in the school.

Chris Powell, the OG teacher, says it is her mission to have children graduate from Antioch School filled with motivation, knowledge, courage, self-confidence, ideas, resourcefulness, love of their own individuality, and respect for the individuality of others.



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    January is always such a good settling in time in the Older Group. The build up and excitement of the fall and winter holidays is behind us, the room feels cozy on chilly days, and it is much easier to stay focused on ideas and tasks.  


    When we return from vacation, the children are enthusiastic about choosing parts for our spring musical, highlighting their parts, and beginning our read-throughs. This year, choosing parts was a very smooth process. After reading the book, The Phantom Tollbooth, most of the children really knew who they wanted to be, so casting went quite smoothly. Now that the OG has chosen their parts, it is time to bring the thirds in for a read-through so they can figure out which parts they would like to have. Fortunately, there are a lot of juicy roles in the play because there is quite a large group of 3rd grade children joining us for the production.


    We have begun working on geometry in math. There is quite a bit of overlap in what we are doing; the younger children are finding the perimeter and area of squares, rectangles, and triangles, while the older children are additionally identifying and measuring angles, naming triangles by sides and angles, and computing the measurements of triangles using 2 given angles. We will soon be moving on to working with circumference and area of circles. 


    There is nothing like settling in to some good literature during the winter months. We have started some reading/discussion groups so the children can enjoy sharing what they are reading with each other. In addition to their group reading, they have books they are reading independently. I read aloud to the class almost every day. The most recent book they have requested is The Transall Saga, by Gary Paulson. They are entranced.


    The class is reading about and reporting on the presidents for social studies. At this point, we are selecting the first 15 presidents to research. Already there have been some great questions about such topics as what the Whig Party might be.


    While we started working on cursive writing earlier in the year, it is finally coming together for the children who are new to cursive.  I love the way their artistic sense kicks in with cursive; the children want their cursive to look nice and take pride in how their writing looks. This year, I have had quite a few graduates thank me for teaching them cursive. It is great when they can see the value of their time spent learning it.


    Dennis has been working with us on some really fun new pieces to perform for the Spring Concert coming up in March. Everyone is pumped!


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Chris - The Older Group Teacher

Chris Powell - Older Group

I grew up in New York, where I attended Nyack High School as well as The Art Student’s League. While still in high school, I worked at a Head Start program in Harlem. During the time between graduation from high school and graduation from college, I co-taught in the 2nd grade, and coordinated activities for preteens at The Rough Rock Demonstration School on the Navajo reservation. I later taught Lamaze childbirth classes, both to adults and to girls at a school for pregnant teenagers.

I received my undergraduate degree in elementary education at Antioch College, where I was fortunate to have Phil Rothman and Louie King (former head master at the Antioch School), two educators who valued the integrity, intellect, and curiosity of children. I received my Masters Degree from Wright State University, where I majored in teaching children with learning disabilities and behavioral challenges and graduated with honors. My teaching certification is in elementary education 1st through 8th grade and learning disabilities/behavior disorders kindergarten through high school.

I taught the 4th and 5th grade learning disabilities resource classes at Mills Lawn Elementary School in Yellow Springs, Ohio. I also taught the learning disabilities resource classes at South High School in Springfield, Ohio. While there, I saw a need for a support group for teens returning from chemical dependency treatment centers. I went to workshops provided by The Johnson Institute to learn techniques for successfully facilitating recovery groups, then offered recovery support groups for teenagers returning to school after treatment at chemical dependency centers.

For one year, I taught in the 1st and 2nd grade learning disabilities resource room at Lagonda Elementary School, also in Springfield, Ohio.

During my career as a teacher, I have attended many classes and workshops including sessions on Tourette’s Syndrome, mathematics, physical education, children’s literature, photography, glass blowing, watercraft skills, ornithology, flight, and archeology.

I have been teaching at Antioch School for a quarter of a century, and still feel so honored and privileged to be able to teach in this gem of a school where learning is authentic, and where children are supported and encouraged to pursue their interests, to take on challenges, and to creatively solve problems. This is an amazing, vibrant, learning environment where children and teachers alike learn, grow, and thrive.

The Older Group
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