Children engineer their own learning!

    Learning for life

    • Field trips, walks in the Glen and camping
    • Music, theater and live performances
    • School chickens and garden
    • Unicycles, swimming and skiing
    • Cooking and healthy snacks
    • Construction and experiments
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    Empathy, caring and mutual trust

    Learning together

    • Student mentors and swim partners
    • Collaborative work
    • Community outreach and helping others
    • Multi-aged classrooms
    • Sharing resources
    • Finding solutions to  problems
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    Students as scientists and inventors

    Exploration leads to creation

    • Simple machines
    • Deconstruction
    • Biology, chemistry and geology
    • Programming, lasers and robotics
    • Movie making
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    With small class sizes

    Average Exp. - 23 years

    Recent teacher development through:
    • National Science Teachers Association
    • Alternative Education Resource Organization
    • Wright State University
    • National Outdoor Leadership School
    • Travel in China, India, Alaska, and Ireland
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    Avenues for self-expression and learning

    Express yourself

    • Arts and music
    • Pottery kiln
    • Fall plays and spring musical
    • Artists in residence
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    Empowering Community

    Shared leadership


    Science supports it

    The benefits of play

    • Motivated learning
    • Real life problem solving
    • Social skills development
    • Reasonable risk taking
    • Learning from failure
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    "To infinity and beyond" - Buzz Lightyear

    Blazing their own trails

    • Academic honors
    • Colleges and careers
    • Our graduates' published works
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Growing Up is a Journey

When parents bring a child into their family, it is a monumental event--one filled with hope, aspirations and maybe even some trepidation. How do you teach your child to live a joyful life? How do you prepare them to overcome the challenges that life brings? How do children create their own identities and develop critical social skills? This is where the Antioch School excels.
Children at Antioch School are met where they are.  They walk their own learning path, as fast and as far as it may go, yet there are always encouraging friends and teachers nearby.  Each person is trusted as a learner and valued as an important voice in the community, where we discover new roads together. We invite you to come with us on this journey of discovery.
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Testimonial of Erin Ruddell.

Erin Ruddell
The Antioch School 1987-1994

Ben Green Testimonial.

Ben Green
The Antioch School 2000-2008

Ben is an honors student, studying biology at The Ohio State University.