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Dear Antioch School Families,

As always, we are committed to providing the children with another school year of opportunities for growth and connection in the safest ways possible. At this point in time, due to the spread of the recent Delta variant of the virus, COVID cases, which were almost in the Low range on the CDC indicator chart, have gone from Moderate to Substantial and are now at High levels in our area.

However, there are some factors that have improved since the fall/winter surge, despite the fact that this variant is even more contagious:

  • Almost half of people in our area are fully vaccinated.
  • Vaccination rates have started to increase again, and approval for the vaccine for younger children is pending, possibly as soon as the end of September.
  • Additionally, we have gained a lot of learning and experience from our school year last year, when we had no documented cases transmitted at school and only one adult case of unknown origin during the time school was in session.

This indicates that the COVID Plan we put in place last year, including the safety protocols and mitigation measures, has worked well. We have learned a lot, and the experience gained from our last school year will be the foundation for this coming fall.

At school we will continue to use the guidelines from the CDC, the Ohio Department of Health, and Greene County Public Health. Here is a link to the CDC COVID tracking data, by individual county:

Here is our current COVID Plan for the 2021-22 school year, including the protocols and mitigation measures for the fall:

  • Adults and children (including visitors) will continue to be required to wear masks while on school grounds, unless outdoors and distanced from others.
  • Masks will need to be surgical grade or high thread count cotton fabric with a filter added. We have found that this vendor manufactures good quality masks that have a good fit:
  • We will continue to use our outdoor spaces.
  • Air filtration units will be running in indoor spaces.
  • We will continue to promote hand washing and frequent cleaning of shared surfaces.
  • We will continue to ask families to provide snacks for their children, in lieu of food preparation occurring at school.
  • We will implement a testing plan as appropriate. This may include children, unvaccinated adults, and even vaccinated adults, if spread indicates the need.
  • We have recently received a large number of take-home testing kits from the Greene County Public Library system, and will be contacting families soon regarding distribution of the tests and a testing schedule.
  • We will continue wellness/temperature checks for students and anyone entering the building.
  • Anyone who has symptoms will be asked to stay home and get covid testing.
  • Anyone who tests positive will need to stay home according to CDC guidance.
  • Anyone in close contact with someone who tests positive will be asked to stay home for at least 10 days and get tested prior to returning to school.

​Last school year families' cooperation and participation was key to our success. Families made many sacrifices to limit their contacts and their exposure to the virus. When the vaccine became available, over 90% of those eligible in our school community got vaccinated. Here is what we ask of families in order to best preserve our ability to have in person school:

  • Let us know your vaccine status, so we can take that into account, as we create our testing plan.
  • Continue wearing masks and having your children wear masks anytime you must be in a public setting.
  • Starting at least two weeks prior to the start of school, as much as possible, in a public setting, avoid being indoors or outdoors in a crowd. Utilize curbside pick up and delivery services whenever you can.
  • Starting at least two weeks prior to the start of school, as much as possible, limit your close contacts to others who are avoiding public settings, who are masking in public settings when they must be in them, and are vaccinated.

We will continue to monitor conditions and the most up to date guidance. We will communicate any needed Covid Protocol changes as they are made - this situation continues to change, and we plan to adjust our program and protocols, as needed. We will also continue to evaluate the safety of school traditions, field trips, school visitors and community events on a case by case basis. In the meantime, please email Nathan with your vaccination status (unless you were vaccinated last school year and already communicated that), so that we may continue to refine our testing plan. If you do not wish to share your status, we will ask you to adhere to the testing plan for unvaccinated adults.

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