Testimonials from Antioch School Parents

“At The Antioch School our children are building strong relationships and a sense of community that allows them the freedom to be curious, confident and creative.This sense of community and responsibility for each other, the teachers, and their school has helped them learn to be compassionate and respectful members of this community.” 
    —Antioch School Parents, Corinne Daprano and Jodi Chaiten

“I am grateful for the freedom my child has at The Antioch School to develop at his own pace, in his own way.  Whether he is crossing the monkey bars, putting his face in the water when swimming, or learning to speak and listen during meetings with peers, he is building the confidence to become more himself.”
    —Antioch School Parent

More than just a fleeting fad or experiment, The Antioch School’s child-centered approach has proven beneficial to generations of students. The educational pioneer Arthur Morgan envisioned Antioch as promoting "the joy of living"—not as a utopian ideal, but grounded in the reality of everyday play. Joy is, indeed, in abundance here. At the heart of this enterprise is the joy of discovery in togetherness. Cooperation trumps competition always. We learn in awe and wonder. Antioch is truly and literally wonderful.
    —Antioch School Parents, Regan Parker and David Gansz

“We chose The Antioch School for our child to grow because we knew her experience here would be different than any other place. The foundation she is building here is helping her be a caring, empathetic, curious, and confident person with the skills to tackle any situation and solve any problem.”
    —Antioch School Parent, Sarah Hall

“We are so grateful that our children are growing in this extraordinary school!”
    —Antioch School Parent

“We choose The Antioch School for our children because we wanted an environment that would meet their needs. They are active and inquisitive and Antioch is a place that trusts and nurtures the innate inquisitiveness of children - just look at the classrooms and outdoor spaces! This School is is helping our children build a foundation for a life-long love of learning.”
    —Antioch School Parents, Corinne Daprano and Jodi Chaiten

"'No tests. No grades.'  Imagine such a thing!  Well, that's precisely what sets The Antioch School apart from the 'workforce development,' 'teach to the test,' assembly line of 'standardization' that has defocused the public education system.  How lucky we are that an alternative environment has thrived in the midst of our little community for 96 years!"
    —Antioch School Parents, Regan Parker and David Gansz

“We love watching our child's curiosity unfurl. Every day she is given the time and space to explore nature and community. We have seen the positive results that come from trusting Antioch School's methods and traditions. We are so grateful to have this place for her to thrive.”
    —Rebecca Kuder, Antioch School Parent & Alumni

“Because of The Antioch School, my children love school. They have no idea of the hours their public school peers spend in hurry-up-and-wait mode.  They know the trails of Glen Helen better than me. They are comfortable solving problems and working through disputes. They study music, art, and science. They perform plays and musicals - and everyone participates. They learn to unicycle. And ski. They learn that, if they have a cool idea - perhaps even one as far-fetched as building a straw bale house - nurturing teachers will work with them to help that idea become a reality. I'm so glad that my children have this experience.”
    — Antioch School Parent, Nick Boutis

“The Antioch School is so much more than a school to us. It’s a philosophy: the way children are honored here, and the freedom they’re given to become who they’re meant to be, is a model we try to uphold during the hours our children aren’t at school.”
—Luke Dennis, Antioch School Parent