"Anyone can learn how to complete homework. More rare is the inner identity of a life long learner that The Antioch School gave me. To love to learn and be playful while doing it is simply a part of who I am. How glorious is that, that I will always be driven to learn anew each day?! I am now a naturalist in Minneapolis, giving short outdoor lessons about nature to schools in the area. To be able to model this playfulness with kids who have never been outside to learn is the best tool I have. Working with kids who have never touched a worm, or seen a toad, or tasted maple sap dripping from a tree, has solidified the gratitude I have always felt toward The Antioch School in guiding me toward cultivating my own relationship with nature. I wrote poems with the swaying pines of the Glen, created and acted out skits for the OG'd enchanted forest, and generally loved exploring outside to discover anything I wanted during free time. In many school groups that come to my nature center, I see that kids (and teachers) have lost their connection to nature and have yet to discover their learning identities. The Antioch School will always be a unique place where both those things, nature and self directed learning, feed one another. We absolutely need more Antioch Schools to help our next generations become advocates for the environment, and for themselves in this world."

Emily Foubert
The Antioch School 1991-1999