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Tuesday, 16 September 2014 00:00

In Art & Science

The beginning of the school year always brings so much excitement and so many discoveries. New discoveries about the school, the forest, the children, and myself as a teacher and learner, are the things that I look forward to each year.

For the children, discoveries may be found within the changes of the classroom, friends, and interests as they move forward into a new school year. They realize that they are more capable than just a few months ago—whether in the ability to piece together complex ideas or in the use of a paintbrush or ball of clay.

As we begin our hikes, discoveries may be found in the hearing of a new bird song, the observation of a fantastic, never-before-seen mushroom on the trail, or the ability to walk further and climb higher.

The new school year has started off beautifully. The Younger Group began their year-long, inquiry-based exploration of the Village of Yellow Springs. I am certain the children will make many discoveries about the Village and the dynamic processes that helped it to flourish.

Thank you to everyone who makes the Antioch School such a delightful place of discovery.


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