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Thursday, 17 September 2015 00:00

Welcome back to school everyone.

I am excite to help make this an extraordinary year for everyone. We will continue keep nature and the outdoors a school wide focus in art & science. Monday will again be hike day for the YG (in the morning) and the OG (in the afternoon). While hiking itself is one of the objectives of our hikes, it also serves as a source for science, art, and writing activities. As can been seen in the media, fostering a connection with nature serves children (and adults) in many ways, including providing exercise, enhancing observation skills, and calming our overactive brains, which in turn allows us to focus better back at school. In general it puts most us in a good mood, as it is hard to stay down in the forest.

The Younger Group will continue to learn about our local community as way pursue chapter two of the the Yellow Springs Project. Once again we will visit various organizations and institutions of Yellow Springs. We also will be doing many other projects and activities in art & science which will include painting, clay work, animal studies, simple chemistry and more.

The older group will start the year off with a science unit on the Earth’s atmosphere and beyond, as well as on flight and rocketry. We will also continue to have Project Time which is a period once or twice a week during which the children choose and focus on ideas or projects of particular interest to each individual or small group.
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Brian Brogan

September, 2015

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