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Thursday, 05 September 2019 14:16

First Days in Art & Science

The magic of working at the Antioch School over a period of years is to experience the renewal that comes with the first day of a new school year. It is so exciting and stimulating to see the children enter the building on the first day. One feels the energy and sense of expectation, coupled with a bit of anxiety that typically melts away by the first lunch.

I love seeing the children, greeting them, hugging them and noticing how they have grown.  I love hearing about their summer adventures and about their new interests.

Teaching here is a reminder of how wonderful the world can actually be, how precious new discoveries are, and how joyful it can be to learn new things.

It is renewing and reinvigorating to be back at school. I look forward to sharing in the joys of learning with the children and sharing with everyone about our life in the Art & Science room and throughout  our school. Now it is time to soak in teethe pleasures of childhood and learning the Antioch School way.

Brian Brogan

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