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Thursday, 10 March 2022 13:03

YG Wishes for the World

The YG Spring Writing Collection project is in full swing! Some of the children wrote about their wishes for the world - here they are: 


Author 1:

I wish Pokemon were alive 

I wish I could be in the olympics

I wish everyone could pick the colors

Author 2:

My wish is if there was no money because there would be no poor people. 

Author 3: 

I wish that pollution was not a thing. 

Author 4: 

No pollution and everyone could have dragons

Author 5: 

My wish for the world is everyone to have Jeff basos money

Author 6: 

my wishes for the world are to STOP war in ukraine, and Russia TO STOP takeing ukraine resources

Author 7: 

my wishes for the world is everyone would stop wars, nobody would die, and nobody would fight, everyone was friendly, Russia would stop the war in ukraine, and the world would never end. 

Author 8: 

My wish for the world is that pepol stop kilin anamols. 

Monday, 13 December 2021 01:04

Pooh Sticks at the Cascade Bridge

On Mondays the YG hikes in Glen Helen, rain or shine. Monday December 6th was the coldest morning hike of the year, and after a rainy weekend, Brian knew that the cascades would be a spectacular sight. It was the perfect location for the day! As we hiked along the lower single file trail, the children noted the frothy bubbles churned up from runoff in the creek, far downstream from the cascades. They heard the thunderous water long before the cascade was in sight. When we arrived, the children were so excited to see the mighty fall of water pouring down. We looked from below for awhile, but we eventually climbed the stone steps up from the lower single file trail to gaze down on the water from above on the cascade bridge. I picked up a black walnut stem and tossed it in the creek from the upstream side of the bridge, then crossed to see if I could spot it again before it danced over the edge of the cascade. A third year YGer ran off the bridge and picked up a massive rotting log. His friends went to help and together they brought it back and unceremoniously dropped it in the creek on the upstream side of the bridge, and frantically crossed to the downstream side to watch as their huge log magnificently tumbled down down down. Delighted at this demonstration of raw hydro-power, many other YGers searched for the biggest logs and branches they could find to toss into the churning creek below. Most logs took five seconds or less to reappear on the other side of the bridge before they fell over the edge. Brian and I called out when it was time to leave - "Last logs!"