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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 00:00

Younger Group Hikes in Glen Helen

     Each Monday the YG hikes in our local nature preserve, Glen Helen. We typically hike in the morning which provides beautiful morning light and temperatures that vary with the seasons. We often find ways to challenge our bodies such as climbing a few rocks, and ways to sharpen our senses such as quiet walking where we can really listen to the sounds around us. We notice changes of seasons, evidence of animals and this year’s class loves to point our fungi! There’s fungus among us! is one current joke of the group. 

     This week our hike found many exciting signs of fall! A few little colored leaves on trees, and many fallen leaves on the ground. “I love when the leaves get crunchy!” said one child. “Yeah, when we step on them they will be so dry and loud!” a student replied. “Pretty soon we might see squirrels gathering nuts for winter too.” exclaimed a child’s voice. “I know walnuts are already falling down.” noted a fourth child. We are already looking forward to the hikes where fall is fully unveiled and we can soak in the beauty.

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