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Tuesday, 01 March 2016 00:00

Younger Group Celebrates 100!

During the month of February the children found that we have enjoyed 100 days of school! This called for a celebration - a celebration of achievement, collaboration, math and the number 100!

Children brought in "100 collections" from home to display for the school community. There were collections of paper clips, beads, legos, stamps, candies, coins, and dice! How fun to see the value 100 represented in these small special materials. We counted 100 steps in the hall and marked the distance with a small piece of yellow tape to step back and view the distance we traveled. We played games using our knowledge of place value and racing a number up to 100 as well as many other fun number activities! 

The children told a "100 or more word story" where we took turns telling a few words of the story until the full group told the silly tale. Of course, a special day like this called for "Hundred Cookies" - don't worry, not 100 cookies! We each decorated a personal cookie with the number 100 or by counting 100 sprinkles for a beautiful treat. 

Happy 100 days of school to YG!

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