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Monday, 23 January 2017 23:40

Winni-the-Pooh Party

A Pooh Party


After five months in the Younger Group I have been amazed, not only by how quickly the time has gone by, but also how full each and every day is. I can also not believe how much we manage to pack into our schedule. 

This past Wednesday was the author, A. A. Milne’s birthday. In the Younger Group at the Antioch School, that means it is also POOH DAY. Reading Pooh stories and celebrating Pooh Day is a long honored tradition in the YG stretching back to Bev Price’s time as the YG teacher. Perhaps 30-40 years of pure Pooh pleasure.

This year we had a fun day, filled with pajamas, Pooh related snacks, Pooh stories, Pooh games and a Pooh movie. We had far more activities than time to enjoy them all. 

For some children in the YG it was their first Pooh Day. For others, sadly, their last. But for almost everyone it was a lot of fun. 

I look forward to crashing next year’s Pooh party when I am back as the school’s Art & Science teacher.



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