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Sunday, 10 November 2019 23:51

Hallway Dominoes

I love that our school allows children to have free time. It's one of the most important parts of the day for them, and so much self-directed learning happens during these intervals. We love free time at school for so many reasons. We believe that play is serious work for children. They are given plenty of time to play how they decide to. Free time helps children develop a sense of self-direction, time budgeting skills, trust in themselves and their peers, and so much more. I love seeing what the children come up with at free time. Some children are busy writing books, while others are creating the millionth version of tag - there's a huge range of possibilities. Last week, many of the children in the Younger Group made an amazing domino chain out of the hallway building blocks. They worked so hard on it - from the design, to the delicate task of placing each block in the perfect spot. It was so satisfying for them as the creators, and for me as their teacher, when they yelled "Three, two, one!". They knocked down that first block and we all watched the chain reaction unfold.  

Sunday, 03 November 2019 18:08

The YG Play

The YG play was last week. It was quite an experience! The children started working on it at the beginning of October. Little by little, the story started to take shape. We started by making lists of ideas. Big lists! Some of them really started to catch on. 

I sensed we were onto something when the kids created a game at free time based on one of our Halloween play ideas. The Haunted Hospital. This idea really spoke to the whole class. The children began to create characters and imagine scenes that might happen in the play. I transcribed the lines they thought their characters might say, and MJ and I gently guided their discussions on how the drama would play out. Everyone chose their own roles and wove their characters into the story. Not only did the children create the script and their characters, they also made set pieces and props. Two students stepped into the role of stage manager and helped the cast come out on stage at the right times. Everyone contributed to the final product! 

The show was delightful to watch! It totally belonged to them as all their learning at school does. It was a silly, imaginative, nonsensical, short and sweet play, and it was an honor to help them create it. 


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