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Monday, 25 February 2019 11:58

A Hurricane in Ohio

A hurricane in Ohio???

Two and a half weeks ago, the great kiddos of the YG had a very rainy walk to and from the Yellow Springs Wellness Center.  We watched the rain all morning from the classroom and decided we could make the beautifully wet walk. One of the children noticed that there was a waterfall coming over the back wall on the tire swing side!  The children happily filled buckets with mud and water and splashed in the huge puddles.

We decided to walk down the bike path and up through Antioch Amphitheater to avoid the ponds of water in the field.  We got there fairly quickly, and as always, the kids enjoyed their time in the gym and in the pool. They are such naturals in the water, and it is so fun to watch them being little fish!:)

 Our clothes and shoes were already wet from the walk there, so we decided to go back through the field on the way home.  After a special snack, we started on the trek back. About halfway through the field, the wind really picked up and rain started to come down hard.  We were walking backwards because the wind and rain were so cold. After we got back, I asked the kids their thoughts about our walk through the big storm.

“It felt like there was a hurricane.”

“The rain felt like pins and needles on my skin”

“It was raining cats and dogs!”

“I felt like I was going to blow over!”

We made it back to school, completely soaked to the bone.  There was not a piece of dry clothing on any of us, but we felt triumphant. We felt like we had made it through the storm together, like a crew of greenhorn sailors at sea.  It was quite the adventure! What curious, resilient, smart children they are. I am so happy to be their teacher, rain or shine...

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