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One of my favorite design features of our school is the long, light-filled hallway that is lined with blocks, cubbies, coat hooks, roller blades, plants... and entrances into every classroom. This design reflects the idea of the linear progression of time. When the children are younger, they are in classes farther down the hallway. As they grow, they move ever closer to the Older Group classroom which is the closest room to the main entrance of the school. When they graduate from the Older Group, they move on to new adventures in new schools, and the way out is right there next to their classroom. Last week at school, the children in the Younger Group expressed an increased interest in trying out a non-linear approach to their time at school. We started talking more about visiting. Visiting is something really special about our school. Children at the Antioch School are not strictly bound to stay in their group. They are allowed to make plans with the teachers to spend time with other groups. Children who are preparing to transition into an older group have the opportunity to spend time with their future peers, and get a preview of their new schedules. They can see the kind of lessons they will have, and the kind of work they will be doing. They get a feel for the new roles and responsibilities they will have. Some children decide to visit younger class groups. They may be curious about their younger peers. Some people visit younger class groups when they are feeling nostalgic, or like they missed out on some important work that could have happened when they were younger. I'm excited to see how the children explore this exciting non-linear approach! They Younger Group follows these guidelines about visiting other groups: 1. Make a plan with Elaina and MJ, and the teacher of the group you're visiting 2. You do whatever activity is happening with the group you're visiting 3. Visits are for one person at a time

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