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Children in the Older Group continue to explore their world, pursuing studies of their interests, with more formalized classes in mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science. They work independently, as well as in both small and large group settings. Many opportunities are provided for the OG students to delve deeply into various subject areas through research projects, field trips, visiting artists, and classroom materials.

The Older Group children are friends and mentors to the younger children. They are swimming partners with the Kindergarten children – a relationship that lasts well past the Kindergarten year, and are often reading or math partners with younger children in the school.

Sally Dennis, the OG teacher, says it is her mission to have children graduate from Antioch School filled with motivation, knowledge, courage, self-confidence, ideas, resourcefulness, love of their own individuality, and respect for the individuality of others.



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  • The Case of the Krispie Caper
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        The Case of the Krispie Caper

         Items have been going missing from the lunchbox of an OG student. “It’s been happening for a while now,” said the child, needing to speak up to be heard over his rumbling belly. “It just took me awhile to figure it out, since I don’t usually know what’s exactly in my lunch until I open it up to eat it.” The child’s suspicion grew daily, though, in direct correlation to his nagging sweet tooth.      

         “It was the day that both the Rice Krispie Treat and the Ritz crackers went missing that really made him want to do something about it,” said his mother. But what to do? The child talked it over with his dad, thinking maybe his dad was simply leaving out his favorite treats. But, no, dad reluctantly admitted that he does not pack only healthy food for his son. I asked the child what he wanted to do and he decided that he should share his woes, rather than his snacks, with the other children. He made a plan to talk with the Younger Group and the Older Group children.  

         The child addressed the group, stating the facts: “Things have been going missing from my lunchbox. It has been going on for awhile now.”

         “What kinds of things?” asked a curious classmate.

         “Always the best things,” replied the hungry child. 

         “Because maybe if we know what’s missing, we might know who’s taking them. You know, if it’s something we know that person really likes,” said the young sleuth.

         “Is that what you want,” asked another child, “to know who’s taking things?”

         “No,” responded the child, “I want whoever is doing this to stop. I just want to eat my lunch. The lunch my dad packs me.”

         Remarkably, that was the whole talk. Short and sweet. The room was quiet for a moment as the children digested the information and the request.  

         We still don’t know who took the treats. But “who done it” isn’t what is important here. One child does not need to be called out and made to feel bad publicly so that another can have his just desserts. Almost two weeks have passed since this issue was brought to the group and nothing else has been taken. The child who brought the issue to the group said what was bothering him. The other children heard what he said, asked for clarification, and honored his request. That takes the cake!

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Sally - The Older Group Teacher

Sally Dennis - Older Group

Sally Dennis joined the Antioch School community as a parent. She observed the continuation of the school and its philosophy through the experiences and growth of her own children as they progressed through each classroom, from Nursery through the Older Group. As the Older Group teacher, Sally daily recognizes and appreciates the foundation of learning and social experiences each child builds upon as she or he pursues an individual pathway and timeline of learning.

Sally holds a Masters Degree in Education from Antioch Midwest. She received her B.A. in Music from Wittenberg University, where she also received a minor in Theatre. Shortly after graduating from college, Sally attended Walsh University’s Montessori Teacher Training program. She began her teaching career at Cambridge Montessori School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she taught Integrated Arts and Theatre Arts to elementary aged children. While in Cambridge, Sally co-founded the award winning Alarm Clock Theater Company and she brings her love and passion for the arts to Antioch School. Her experiences in the collaborative arts inform her support of the collaborative learning valued by the Antioch School. “No one person carries the responsibility of learning; we all do. Together. We take risks and make mistakes. We trust ourselves and one another. The risks we take help us grow and our mistakes lead to learning. Trusting one another and ourselves strengthens our community.”

The Older Group
For fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-graders
8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
Teacher Emeritus
Bill Mullins

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Testimonial of Selah Griffin.

Selah Griffin
The Antioch School 2009-2015

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