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Children in the Older Group continue to explore their world, pursuing studies of their interests, with more formalized classes in mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science. They work independently, as well as in both small and large group settings. Many opportunities are provided for the OG students to delve deeply into various subject areas through research projects, field trips, visiting artists, and classroom materials.

The Older Group children are friends and mentors to the younger children. They are swimming partners with the Kindergarten children – a relationship that lasts well past the Kindergarten year, and are often reading or math partners with younger children in the school.

Sally Dennis, the OG teacher, says it is her mission to have children graduate from The Antioch School filled with motivation, knowledge, courage, self-confidence, ideas, resourcefulness, love of their own individuality, and respect for the individuality of others.



OG Newsletter

  • The OG Welcomed Back Two Traditions Last Week: Harvest Soup Supper and Swim and Gym
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         The Antioch School hosted the Harvest Soup Supper last weekend for the first time since 2019! The Kindergarten and YG made soups to share at the event. Families also brought in soups as well as desserts. And the OG made BREAD – lots and lots of bread! We made corn bread, challah, French, monkey, pumpkin, and sourdough. Making enough bread to share with everyone at the supper is a multi-day process. The children first had to decide, as a group, what kinds of bread to make. Then we gathered recipes and Elaina shopped for ingredients. Finally, the children could start making the bread, but following recipes can be tricky since it requires some specialized vocabulary and one needs to read not only the ingredients, but also the step-by-step instructions! Some children made recipes and immediately asked if they could make the same recipe again since they learned so much the first time and wanted to incorporate their experience in making an even better batch the second time! Then the children had to wait again, as the yeast breads needed time to ferment and rise before they could finally be shaped and baked. All in all, it was a long, floury process, but the result was beautiful and delicious. It can be quite satisfying to work hard and to feed other people.

         The Older Group also returned to the Antioch College Wellness Center last week to play in the gym and swim in the pool! The children were so excited that most of them ran most of the way across the golf course to the college. The class likes to joke that I “bring up the rear” and am always the last one to get to the Wellness Center. Yes, they were extra speedy last week and I probably would have been last even if I hadn’t tried to be, but I am the last one there intentionally. It gives the children the opportunity to be in a public space without me, necessitating them to take responsibility for their own appropriate conduct. After I finally strolled in, the children played in the gym for about 30 minutes, then changed into their suits and headed to the pool. The Kindergarten stayed back at school last week, so the OG got some extra swim time alone. Normally, though, they swim for 30 minutes and then their Kindergarten partners join them in the pool and they swim with partners for another 30 minutes. After swimming, the OG has another opportunity for independence as they walk back to school with each other but without me, since I stay at the pool to help with the other groups. Last week, Elaina welcomed the children back with warm, salty mashed potatoes!


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Sally - The Older Group Teacher

Sally Dennis - Older Group

Sally Dennis joined the Antioch School community as a parent. She observed the continuation of the school and its philosophy through the experiences and growth of her own children as they progressed through each classroom, from Nursery through the Older Group. As the Older Group teacher, Sally daily recognizes and appreciates the foundation of learning and social experiences each child builds upon as she or he pursues an individual pathway and timeline of learning.

Sally holds a Masters Degree in Education from Antioch Midwest. She received her B.A. in Music from Wittenberg University, where she also received a minor in Theatre. Shortly after graduating from college, Sally attended Walsh University’s Montessori Teacher Training program. She began her teaching career at Cambridge Montessori School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she taught Integrated Arts and Theatre Arts to elementary aged children. While in Cambridge, Sally co-founded the award winning Alarm Clock Theater Company and she brings her love and passion for the arts to Antioch School. Her experiences in the collaborative arts inform her support of the collaborative learning valued by the Antioch School. “No one person carries the responsibility of learning; we all do. Together. We take risks and make mistakes. We trust ourselves and one another. The risks we take help us grow and our mistakes lead to learning. Trusting one another and ourselves strengthens our community.”

The Older Group
For fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-graders
8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
Teacher Emeritus
Bill Mullins

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Testimonial of Selah Griffin.

Selah Griffin
The Antioch School 2009-2015

An Older Group student at the time this testimonial was written