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Christine Lipari-Althaus teaches the three-year span of the Younger Group. She "lives the day" with her students, carefully nurturing the group of six through nine-year-olds as they develop into a caring, concerned community of learners.

Academics begin to have a more traditionally structured form in the YG, with a strong basis in problem solving. The children are encouraged to find and use their own strengths as learners to build their skills through a large variety of activities and equipment.

The classroom is bright and busy. Christine encourages movement and talking, because children need to do both to learn. The whole YG works on many things together, like plays, singing, group books, and a sense of group responsibility. They also work in small learning groups, teaching each other, and as individuals, developing their own ideas, work habits and projects.

Christine believes that children in these age ranges "need a wide path for learning.”



YG Newsletter

  • Taking Turns, Giving Space
    Taking Turns, Giving Space

    On a recent walk in the Glen we found a bridge that made our group pause. The bridge was solid and strong, but the railing only stood on one side. 

    Teachers demonstrated that the bridge could easily hold an adult with room to walk and not require the second railing. Teachers asked if children felt comfortable with the crossing opportunity. They said that they did. Then children discussed a few ideas of how we could safely cross the bridge. It was decided that we could walk slowly, one person at a time until everyone made it across.


    The plan was simple, yet profound: We would take turns and give each other plenty of space. We would go safely at our own pace while mindfully moving and balancing our way across the bridge.


    The children did just that. Big smiles and some applause once everyone had crossed. A new obstacle that we overcame with a class plan, patience and plenty of room.



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Christine - The Younger Group Teacher

Christine - Younger Group

Christine graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a master’s degree in Intervention. During graduate school Christine taught first grade in the hills of Athens County, Ohio.  Later, she moved to Southeastern Ohio to teach Kindergarten at a private school with a Reggio-inspired philosophy. Through these experiences Christine discovered her teaching passion of being part of a school community that trusts children, values their differences, and places an importance on human development and the relationships that are built during this brief, but vital, time of a child’s life.

 “The children of the Antioch School are given the freedom and responsibility to embrace their learning and design their school day. As a teacher at the Antioch School, I am also given these freedoms and responsibilities. I love the emerging projects, daily curiosities, and how the excitement of the students can guide our work and time together.”

Christine lives in Yellow Springs with her family. She strives to be an advocate for protecting the joy of childhood for today’s children. She is a believer in the magic of a muddy puddle, a shovel and a pail.


The Younger Group
For first-, second-, and third-graders
8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Upcoming Younger Group Events

Thu Dec 01 @12:00AM
Swim & Gym Thursday

Thu Dec 15 @12:00AM
Swim & Gym Thursday

Fri Dec 16 @12:00AM
Children's Cookie Exchange

Mon Dec 19 @12:00AM
Winter Holiday

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