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 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When does the school year start and end?


2.  What are school hours?


3.  How does the school run?  Is anyone in charge?


4.  Do the children really play all day?


5.  Is there structure?


6.  How do students handle the transition to middle school?


7.  How do I address a problem or a concern?


8.  What is the parent volunteer time commitment?


9. Do you have a policy manual?


1.  When does the school year start and end? 

The school year starts on the Wednesday before Labor Day and ends on the Friday after Memorial Day. 


2.  What are school hours?  The School opens at 8:30 and closes at 3:00, Monday through Friday. The buzzers for the Younger Group and Older Group will not ring before 8:45. If your child must arrive before the doors open at 8:30, please make sure he or she is dressed appropriately to wait outside.

Half Day Nursery: 8:30-11:30 or 11:30-3:00, Monday-Friday

Full Day Nursery: 8:30-3:00, Monday-Friday

Half-day Kindergarten: 11:30-3:00, Monday-Friday

Full-day Kindergarten: 8:30-3:00 Monday-Friday

Younger and OlderGroups: 8:30-3:00, Monday-Friday

After-School Care: 3:00-5:30, Monday-Friday


3.  How does the school run?  Is anyone in charge?  The children and teachers create the curriculum and rules for themselves, their group and the school.   The Board of Directors is the governing body of The Antioch School. It is responsible for all financial, facility and personnel decisions. It consists of nine members – four elected parents, four faculty members, and one community member selected by the board – who serve as representatives of the parents, faculty and community.  Our School Manager is not a principal, deciding on the direction of the school, but is instead a facilitator who frees the teachers from office paperwork, provides technical information to the Board of Directors, and helps implement decisions the Board and teachers have made.


4.  Do the children really play all day?  Children at The Antioch School fill their days with learning as it comes naturally to them.  Much of this is in the form of play.  As the children move through the groups and take on learning to read and do computation and other skills associated with traditional schooling, they retain a playful attitude.  We believe that time spent in play is not time wasted, but is crucial to children doing their best learning.


5.  Is there structure?  The school has a definite structure, but it is not the typical school structure that most people are familiar with.  Because it is based on democratic principles, everyone at the school has a voice and a great deal of individual freedom.  With that freedom comes the responsibility of respect for others, which includes kindness, communication, attention to safety, and inclusion. 


6.  How do students do when they transition to middle school?  They do beautifully!  Our students go on to attend a wide variety of middle and high schools, where they excel in academics, the arts, and athletics, and take on many leadership roles.


7.  How do I address a problem or a concern?  We ask that problems and concerns be addressed directly with your child's teacher.  If the issue is not resolved, you may request a meeting with the involved party and a representative from the  Personnel Committee.  If the problem is not fully resolved through the Personnel Committee, it may be taken up by the Board. 


8.  What is the parent volunteer time commitment?  To give children a full community experience and to support our programs in a cost effective way, we ask families to contribute 20 hours per school year in volunteer service to the school.  In lieu of the time, a family may donate $10 per hour.  Many families donate far greater amounts of time and money, and we are very appreciative of their support. 


9. Do you have a Policy Manual? Yes! Click to download the Antioch School Policy Manual (PDF)