Antioch School parents are part of the school community in many different ways. In the past, volunteer parents have helped in special and day-to-day activities such as our Lunar New Year celebration and as reading partners; doing lighting, video taping and costume designing for plays; helping at work bees; and coordinating and helping with fundraisers.

Parents have been field trip drivers, book finders, interesting event suggesters, thinkers, doers, and helpers in ways that reflect their own diverse personalities and interests. Parents have been gardeners, photographers, teachers, writers, cooks, and musicians. Many parents have brought their own special knowledge, skills, or expertise to the classroom – and to the school as a whole.

Parents also have the very real opportunity to be a part of the community by going to Board meetings and contributing, by being Parent Coordinators for the classroom, by serving on Board committees and as Board members.

Antioch School parents also assist by helping teachers better understand their children – and their needs – through regularly scheduled conferences or whenever concerns arise. Parents assist in this way, realizing at the same time that our children are members of a group of many diverse individuals in which the needs of all – and the group itself – must be considered, answered, and often weighed to find a workable balance.

In this, and in so many others ways, The Antioch School functions together as an extended family. Understanding and caring for one another is a crucial element in any family, and this is true at The Antioch School as well. Parents, teachers, children and staff, all depend on one another to help nurture a healthy school environment through regular, honest and caring communication.