Antioch School Graduation Picture
"One of the most important things about The Antioch School is what my children haven't learned; they haven't learned to hate school or learning." – Mark Melecki, parent

Antioch School Graduates: Future Prospects

The Antioch School enjoys an outstanding reputation for many reasons, but no regard is more valued than the simple truth displayed on bumper decals by the families who best know its worth: "Our Kids Love It!"

Antioch School students and graduates excel in many areas, such as critical thinking, self-confidence, and creativity.  Our children acquire the ability to work well in individual and group settings and develop a genuine love of learning.  This past year's Yellow Springs High School valedictorian, Rachel Meyer, is an Antioch School graduate, as are four of the five high school students who received National Merit recognition. Francesca Brecha is a 2014 National Merit Semi-Finalist and Dylan Boczar, Sam Crawford and Morgan Beard were recognized as National Merit Commended Students.

Others view Antioch students as well prepared for future endeavors, citing measurable outcomes of the school's lasting educational value.  Roy Eastman, an Antioch School graduate and business owner, comments on Antioch students' creativity: "The Antioch School manages to preserve its students' natural ability to think creatively, a quality I search for in prospective employees. I would hire an Antioch School graduate in a minute."


People Are Talking – Here's What They're Saying

"Our children are grateful that we sent them to The Antioch School. They loved their teachers and developed life long friendships... For us it was an investment in their futures and it is paying off in many ways. It taught our children 'how to learn' and not 'what to learn' and they have thanked us often for this gift."
   – Jeanne Ballantine, parent of alumni

"I like that the teachers sometimes know how I feel and they don't pressure me. And I like the unicycles and the responsibilities you get, for instance swimming partners. I think it's a great school."
   – Lila Jensen, student, Class of '99

"There's such great people here, and they treat you like an individual."  Lida Boutis, Older Group student, Antioch School

"I send my children to The Antioch School because: I like them to be free. Free to learn at their own pace and in their own way. Free to enjoy their surroundings and the nature surrounding the school. Free to explore themselves and others. Because school was so oppressive for me, I like The Antioch School. I would have enjoyed more this kind of school when I was a kid. It seems like the kids play hard and work hard."
   – Charlie Peters, parent of alumnae

"I like coming here, because. . . it's not really like any other school.  It's kind of an express yourself school." Eleanor Burrig, Older Group student, Antioch School

"When I see my daughter at school I see how competent and involved she looks and that makes me feel really good – to see that this is how she is spending her days. I think how wonderful that she can be in a school like this every day. The Antioch School is a place of discovery and of comfort and belonging and excitement and of competence."
   – Diane Chiddister, parent of alumnae

"It is a marvelous school. No school anywhere does its work any better... And it is a community school. Many, many... people have worked and now work to create and sustain its exuberant contribution to the lives of children: self-awareness, self-responsibility, self-responsiveness, self-discipline, self fulfillment. The kids love it there..."
   – Don Wallis, parent of alumnae