The Board of Directors is the governing body of The Antioch School. It is responsible for all financial, facility and personnel decisions. It consists of nine members – four elected parents, four faculty members, and one community member selected by the Board – who serve as representatives of the parents, faculty and community.

The School Manager assists Board members, presents technical information at Board meetings and helps implement decisions the Board has made.

Each parent Board member assumes one of the following duties: Chair of the Board, Chair of the Finance Committee, Chair of the Facilities Committee, or Chair of the Personnel Committee.

Committees are typically made up of one parent Board member as Chair, two or three other parents and one or two teachers. These committees make recommendations to the Board in the following areas:

Finance Committee: All fiscal activities of the school, including budgeting, tuition and contract issues, includes the sub-committees of Development and Marketing.

Facilities Committee: The maintenance of the playground equipment, building and grounds through both volunteers and outside contractors.

Personnel Committee: Personnel decisions, handbook revision, parent concerns and staff evaluations. Through Parent Coordinators, the Personnel Committee also organizes volunteer activities.

Ad hoc committees: These are formed as they are needed.

The Board meets at 7pm the second Wednesday of each month. The perspective parents provide has been an important part of Board meetings, and parents are urged to come and contribute. The agenda is available in the office three days before the meetings, and always listed first on the agenda is "Parent Concerns." Minutes are available in the Board Book in MJ's office as well as posted on the hallway kiosk.

The Antioch School (Convivial Learning, Inc.) Constitution and By-laws and the school's Policy Manual are available in the office for reference. Please feel free to request your own personal copies or click on each link to download a PDF version.